9 TikTok Stats That Businesses Need To Know

9 TikTok Stats That Businesses Need To Know

Despite the common misconception that TikTok is only a lip-syncing application for Gen Zers, it is more than that. The app has a variety of short-form videos, including comedic segments, instructional films, dance performances, daily vlogs, sports highlights, and eCommerce updates. Anything may be created with the TikTok app. After the pandemic lockdowns, TikTok’s popularity among teens and adults increased in the early 2020s, which was interestingly amusing. Many people even buy TikTok views to get ahead on TikTok. Around 80 million of the one billion active and engaged users of TikTok each month are in the US. It is also highly addictive due to its rapid expansion and exciting content. Here, viewers scroll through the arbitrary TikTok videos for at least 52 minutes per day.

Whether you use TikTok or not, it is evident that Trollishly can help you reach a broad audience. The importance of building a brand both on and off eCommerce platforms is discussed in the article. It involves creating a branded social media presence. For instance, TikTok’s large audience and capacity to introduce your products will make them famous and trending. You need to maximize your marketing effectiveness if you aren’t utilizing the TikTok app for brand development and social media. Here, in this article, you will see some of the tactics marketers need to consider.

1. According to a survey, the TikTok platform has grown to include more than 800 million users globally. The platform is becoming more and more well-known throughout the world as a result of its increased authenticity. This statistic illustrates how the TikTok platform acquired popularity among the expanding audience, as you can see.

2. A survey found that 41% of users on the TikTok platform are between the ages of 16 and 24. According to this statistic, younger audiences are more likely to be drawn to the TikTok platform. The captivating videos that creators submit on the TikTok platform may be to blame for the platform’s increased popularity.

3. The Google Play and Apple Store have seen more than 2 billion downloads of the TikTok app. It demonstrates how widespread the use of the TikTok platform there is. The TikTok platform’s growing popularity is mainly attributable to its engaging content and easy-to-use interface.

4. The TikTok app has received the most downloads from the Apple store. The site is really well-liked by users everywhere. TikTok’s inventive videos and visually appealing filters are responsible for its rising popularity.

5. Over 75 languages and 155 countries are covered by the TikTok platform. The platform’s increased global exposure is demonstrated by this. As a result, using the TikTok platform will help your company become more visible to users worldwide.

6. According to a poll, 90% of users visit the TikTok site more than once daily. This statistic demonstrates how the TikTok platform’s audience is very engaged. As a result, you can use the TikTok app as a business to reach the appropriate target market. But be careful to produce content that is both fascinating and highly engaging.

8. A user spends, on average, 52 minutes a day on the TikTok platform, according to a poll that was done. Short videos that are 60 seconds long can be found on the TikTok platform. According to this statistic, a user watches 52 videos on average daily only because of their authenticity.

9. According to a report, the number of adult US TikTokers has increased in less than 18 months. It demonstrates that the site is well-liked by both young Millennials and Generation Z users.

Final Thoughts

The TikTok platform is overgrowing. The younger audience enjoys and frequently uses the TikTok platform. Users are more likely to buy tiktok likes for their engaging videos to make viewers stay on the platform. TikTok successfully attracted a younger audience because of its sincere and honest videos. The TikTok platform is being used by many businesses to grow their audiences as the site’s popularity is surging. You are missing out on a chance to engage with the younger generation of customers if your business does not use the TikTok platform.